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Annotate your sequences Upload protein or nucleotide sequences for annotation (limit 100Kb file size).
BioProjects at NCBI List of 'BioProjects' at NCBI for LIS legume species. Includes 'Transcriptome/ Gene Expression' related and 'Variation' related data types among others.
BLAT sequence search
BLAST sequence search
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Gene and gene family search by gene name or description Get CDS and peptide sequences on sets of genes.
Gene family search by family characteristics (description, gene composition)
Protein domain search Search for InterPro protein domains in genes
Publications (for data at LIS)
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Sequence searches at this site:
Annotation sequence search using LIS legume resources.
Upload a file with maxiumum file size of 100KB (~90 sequences) of protein or nucleotide sequences and have them annotated using LIS legume resources. Annotation summary results provided including: Gene Ontology, InterPro ID, Gene family, and Automated Human Readable Descriptor (AHRD) description.
BLAT sequence search against legume genomes (recommended for gene searches).
BLAT is a tool for aligning gene/transcript sequences, or highly-similar DNA sequences, to a genome. BLAT performs spliced alignment, allowing an alignment to span introns. Alignments will be displayed in the genome browser of the selected species.
BLAST sequence search of peptide or nucleotide sequences against legume genomes, transcribed coding regions or peptide translations of gene models as well as consensus peptide representations of gene families (a good generic search tool). Alignments can be displayed in the genome browser of the selected species or linked to trees representing membership content of matched gene families.
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