• The BAC clones track in the Lotus japonicus GBrowse previously used SSR names for some of the TACs/BACs; this has been fixed. In addition, the "Lj0" pseudomolecule, which contains contigs that were not placed in the Lj1..Lj6 chromosomes, has been added, and all DFCI transcript & cross-species gene features re-mapped. The JCVI transcripts have been phased-out.
  • Updated list of legume genome browsers at the genomes tab, including two new peanut genomes at the affiliated PeanutBase.
  • Sequence search feature is now available in GBrowse via the BLAT utility.
    The steps for BLAT alignment are (at the GBrowse page):

    1. Select "Find Blat Alignment" in the drop-down menu for Configure.
    2. Click "Configure"
    3. In the "Find Blat Alignment" section that opens, enter your
    (single) sequence in the "Input Sequence to Align" box
    4. Click "Find"

    If a single hit is found, a new track called "BLAT" will be created in the genome browser with your aligned sequence. If multiple hits are found, you'll have to select one from a list of locations.

    If you have questions or need further assistance please contact us.