Two interesting new genomes have been added to the collection of resources at LIS:

  • Aeschynomene evenia (jointvetch) has been used as a model for study of an unusual form of nodulation present in several members of the genus that is independent of Nod factors and infection threads, forming nodules on both stems and roots with photosynthetic Bradyrhizobia. The annotated genome was recently published by the Arrighi lab, who kindly made it available to LIS prior to publication, and who maintains the primary site for this genus at AeschynomeneBase. If you're curious, why not do a quick search for Nodulins at JointvetchMine?
  • Medicago sativa (alfalfa) is an outcrossing autotetraploid of significant economic importance due to its use as a forage crop. Due to significant levels of heterozygosity including structural variation between the four haplotypes, we imported all 4x8 = 32 chromosomes from the "allele-aware" assembly of cultivar XinJiangDaYe reported by Chen et al. 2020, who used PacBio Circular Consensus Sequencing and Hi-C scaffolding to produce their result for this challenging genome. Note that due to this decision, up to four alleles for any one M. sativa gene may appear in our systems, as can be seen in the GCV view (also showing the types of structural variation present between the homeologous chromosomes).