We're rolling out some new tools that have been in development and updating some others:

  • A new comparative viewer for GWAS and QTL data based on the Baxter Lab's ZBrowse is available for comparing trait-marker associations across multiple species- hence we call it ZZBrowse (example comparing cowpea flowering time QTLs to soybean GWAS)
  • New comparative multi-species views of expression across members of gene families based on the Mutwil Lab's CoNekT; for example, leaf and root preferential expression conserved in Ferredoxin-NADP reductase gene families, accessible from the LIS expression pages of the members of the gene family depicted there.
  • Overviews of data content in views based on Phil Ewel's MultiQC, DSCensorgives users a census of the LIS Data Store, and new ways to compare available genomes and annotations (example of annotations across Medicago truncatula genomes from MtHapMap). And now that the LIS Intermines are built directly from the contents of the Data Store, you can use it to see contents of the files displayed in the overviews by following dataset links in pages such as this one from BeanMine
  • A new look for LIS BLAST services based on Wurm Lab's SequenceServer; we'll plan to phase out the older BLAST services once we're sure the new services meet the community needs as well.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Contact us- we always love to hear your thoughts on how to serve you better.