• Early access lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus) genome available:
    The G27455 V1 assembly from Phytozome has now been incorporated into legumeinfo.

    This includes:

  • We're excited to announce the release of a version 2.0 upgrade to our Genome Context Viewer tool, consolidating and extending the functionalities found in the previous version.

    Features include:

    • "Fuzzy search" by gene/region names
    • a user-configurable docking layout-based UI for composition of complex views
    • old "search" and "multi" views have been merged into a single "genes" view combining strengths of both
    • Alerts have been replaced with process pipelines for greater transparency of progression through federated search stages
    • macro tracks can now be ordered and searched, a new micro track clustering algorithm, pervasive use of tooltips for meta data and help text...
    • Major code changes for future extensibility, including a new data model, a new services API,