• Glycine gene models from Wm82 genome version 4, soybean cultivar Lee and Glycine soja accession PI483463 have been assigned to the legfed_v1_0 gene families and are viewable together with core LIS genomes in the Genome Context Viewer (GCV); for example, this region updated in version 4 of Wm82 and with gene content differences among the Glycine members
  • Gene expression views on gene pages now provide UI for selection of number of nearest profile neighbors or correlation threshold for any r>0.7, allowing customization of view to more or less tightly circumscribed sets of co-expressed genes. Example page to try the UI.
  • Soymine now incorporates genotype data for the U.S. germplasm collection based on the Soy 50K SNP chip; the Genotype matrix display provided for such data in the mines can be seen here. Note that subsets of lines and markers for display can be created through the use of Intermines List management capabilities; an example is provided in the page based on seed weight associations, but you can create your own sets of markers/lines for display using queries such as these templated queries for markers and for lines.

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