Site updates

  • LegumeMine and SoyMine have both been provided with a set of helpful templated queries to make it easy to use the power of the mines to ask common questions, such as "Give me all genes from Chromosome X between Y and Z", then use the results in list analyses provided by the Mines such as GO enrichment analysis. If there's a question you'd like to be able to ask but we haven't thought of it, just tell us!
  • The LIS Genome Context Viewer has been updated to provide easier access and helpful introductory information for new users, including a built-in user tour. It's also now much easier for other groups to configure their own instances appropriate to the specifics of their site, for example the version used for Medicago HapMap Data.

Data updates

  • SoyMine now features GWAS data curated from the literature by the diligent staff of SoyBase.