• More than 9,900 common bean markers have been added to the database from 15 publications.
    See the marker search page, and examples: BM138 , 11M-Gm, BMb318
  • Improved genomic context views and gene tree features and interactivity enhance our users' access to the complementary insights provided by synteny and phylogeny perspectives.

    An example gene tree with bean "Fin" gene (Tfl1 ortholog) highlighted, and a corresponding synteny/genome context view (displaying segments of genomes with similar gene content to that surrounding "Fin"). Returning to the same gene family tree from the context view highlights the syntenic members of the gene family (according to the criteria for synteny defined in the search parameters of the context view).
    User interface improvements include: layout redesign for enabling display of wider contexts; helper bar indicates result of track retrieval and alignment services; dotplots synchronized with ordering and filtering of alignment views; and much more...