• Improved usability of the phylotree view:
    We continue to improve the user interface to the phylogenetic tree display for gene families; links to the trees from the gene pages will now highlight and scroll directly to the gene referenced, for example Aradu.6RF6E. User help documentation has been added to all the pages associated with the tree displays. In addition, the genomic context views now have user help documentation accessible from its pages.
  • Trait evaluation data for legume germplasm:
    LIS has begun serving the germplasm evaluation data (for common crop traits or descriptors) for legumes. Data is now available for two legumes, chickpea and peanut. The evaluation data sets have been downloaded from the USDA GRIN website and are served here by LIS. Plans for this feature include improved search capability, and data for more legumes. We request our user community to suggest improvements to make this utility more useful.