• Associations of gene families with protein domains.
    Consensus sequences for gene families have been annotated via InterProScan, and the gene families can now be searched in terms of their conserved domain composition:
    • with links (column: Family Count) from the domain search page to the families in which they appear in the consensus
    • via the "Domains/Interpro terms for family consensus" search filter of the gene family search page
  • Searches for similar gene contexts.
    The ability to search for genomic contexts centered around specific genes of interest can be accessed via the gene tree displays; clicking on a legume leaf node will give the option in a popup menu, allowing users to find other genomic regions similar to the one containing the query gene, for example the context surrounding Glyma.14G192500.
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  • Improved cross-browser compatibility: The website now properly displays the menu structure in Internet Explorer. Thanks to those who reported the issue to us!