Expression Data At LIS (LegFed workshop, Mar 2018)

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How to reach the expression data:

From Gene Search:
At home page: Gene Search button (2nd row) --> Select a species (cajca, cicar.ICC4958, phavu, vigun) & Search --> select a gene from the result table --> Click 'Expression' on the left panel. And, explore the expression data for this gene.
straight go to 'Gene Search' page for common bean and click the 2nd gene, 'phavu.Phvul.001G000200'.

From Expression Summary page:
At home page: Expression button (4th row) --> Click one of the 4 datasets available for now.
straight to Expression Summary Page

Examples to explore

  1. A stress response related gene highly expressed in root tip
  2. A chickpea gene predominantly expressed in the reproductive tissues and another predominantly in the vegetative tissues with a family member also showing a similar expression profile.
  3. A photosynthetic gene expressed highly in leaves.
  4. Please note: its only other gene family member has a similar expression profile.
  5. A transcription factor expressed in reproductive parts in pigeonpea
  6. Finally send the list of profile neighbors to the LegumeMine for further analysis

Webservices examples (work in progress)

** Expression data of a gene from a given dataset.
** Metadata for a dataset.
** Profile neighbors expression data.