GRIN Connect

Connect to USDA GRIN (NPGS) germplasm resources with a GRIN accession number.

Enter GRIN Accession Number?
Examples: PI 289619. Use 'PI 289619' with space between PI and the number. Common bean: PI 310511, PI 325730. Peanut: PI 289619, PI 565448. Chickpea: PI 374113, PI 489777.
Ordering germplasm accessions: You must do it within the GRIN website, click 'Add to Order'.  (We only display the relevant information and do not maintain the germplasm stocks).

Your search will return a web page directly from GRIN. You may need to scroll down within the GRIN page below to see all of the information. In that page, click the 'Detailed Accession Observation Page' link to see evaluation data if it exists.