Map NameStampede_x_RedHawk_F2_a
Publication Map NameStampede_x_RedHawk_F2
Map UnitscM
Map viewCMap
SpeciesPhaseolus vulgaris
Mapping populationStampede_x_RedHawk_F2_a
Parent 1Stampede
Parent 2Red Hawk
Population Size267
Population TypeF2
DescriptionA mapping population of 267 F2 plants from the cross of common bean varieties Stampede and Red Hawk developed by Dr. Phil McClean at North Dakota State University.
2015Song Q, Jia G, Hyten DL, Jenkins J, Hwang EY, Schroeder SG, Osorno JM, Schmutz J, Jackson SA, McClean PE, Cregan PB. (2015). SNP Assay Development for Linkage Map Construction, Anchoring Whole-Genome Sequence, and Other Genetic and Genomic Applications in Common Bean. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics. 5:11 2285-2290